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Morman Family Chiropractic Reviews

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What Our Ottawa Patients Say

At Morman Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Improved Health and Happiness

I first heard about MFC from a friend of mine. What brought me into the office was that I liked what my friend was telling me about her experience here. What also got me in the door, was Dr. Tony’s passion for his patients.

—>Before starting at MFC, life was tiring, stressful, and chaotic. It was sad to see that we were dealing with struggles that others didn’t seem to be dealing with. My son was overly aggressive with other kids, quick triggered, and struggled with anxiety. It seemed like I couldn’t take him to a friend’s to play with their kids because he would be too much energy for the other kids to want to play with him. My daughter had extreme picky eating, constipation issues tied to that, was rated 2 years behind on her fine motor skills when tested. She was behind on her social skills, quick triggered to have a melt down because she was overwhelmed with how to process things and frustrated with herself that she struggled. As for myself, I was exhausted from worrying about my kids and scared to death my kids were forever going to struggle. I was not sleeping well from the stress. I was afraid of not knowing how to help them and just knowing I didn’t want to medicate them.

—>Since starting care, life is so much more calm. Everyone is happier. We also sleep better. We were given hope, and that got me to stay. The knowledge and care my whole family receives from Dr. Tony, Dr. Nikki and the rest of the team told me it was the right decision. The doctors can learn the book side of how to help these kids but a book can’t teach them to care like they do. I know what you guys do for kids and their parents and that is important to me. My kids issues aren’t completely gone but we are all living calmer, easier, healthier and overall better lives since we’ve been under the care of MFC. I love you guys a lot and I’m thankful for all of you!

-Mangas Family

Family Wellness

I started bringing my oldest, Emmit, due to his issues with ear infections and him getting rounds after rounds of antibiotics. This also caused other health issues, so I had enough of treating the symptom and wanted to go after the cause. After going through the care plan and staying on wellness care, Emmit has not missed a day of school due to an illness (3.5 years and counting! I started bringing my younger two, Graham and Reese, to keep them healthy and to not go down the symptom routine with them. Graham and Reese have been able to improve their immune systems as well.

We continue not only due to the benefits described above, but we know we need to continue with the system we have in place to continue those healthy benefits, health/wellness is a journey not a destination.

My wife has no starting this journey and our entire family is on wellness.

-Curt M.

Thankful for the Team

I heard about your office through Facebook. I have followed your office since you guys were part of Relay for Life years ago. Before you guys, life was hectic. Ryan was having trouble focusing in school and we needed to do something to help him out. His teacher recommended that we get him assessed for ADHD. He would never sit still, would have to wear a pull-up every night and his temper was out of control. I was considering taking him to a Psychologist to get treatment started when, one day, something popped up on Facebook about sensory issues. A friend of mine has a son with ADHD and said she was going to go to a seminar put on by you guys. I called and was put in contact with Dr Nikki and the rest is history! Since starting with you guys in October, life is changing for the better. We have made diet changes and are learning to see his triggers before it turns into a meltdown. You guys are able to pick up on his mood and how he is doing really quickly and take it just as serious as I do. You guys recommended Vision Therapy since he has eye issues. We are coming twice a week and you all listen to my concerns and answer my questions.

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In addition to Ryan, I began care as well. I went to the seminar with Dr. Tony and Dr. Groman. He pointed out that kids get their energy and take cues from their parents. How could I expect to help Ryan if I was part of the problem? I decided to get scanned and see what we needed to do. Before starting my treatment, I think I was more on edge and had a shorter fuse. I would get mad and stay mad. It seems that now I get mad less and I let go of it easier. I am able to see signs of “trouble” easier within myself and with Ryan. I have more energy and I feel less stressed! I am amazed how holistic you guys are. It isn’t just an adjustment, it is “whole body health”. You all seem to understand where I am coming from, and where we are going. I LOVE THAT!!
Update: Reading is now one of his favorite subjects, but when we started it was his least favorite. Your office identified his need for vision therapy and that has helped a TON! He can now identify when his “super powers” are getting too strong and is able to verbalize it. It is getting easier to do homework now that we can identify his triggers. I learned a lot about him and his sensory issues from attending the seminars your office has put on. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for every one of you guys!

-Ryan H

Committed to Regular Adjustments

I first heard of MFC from friends and family. What first brought us in was my daughter was having severe constipation, poor appetite and sleep habits, sensory issues, was extremely hyper and having lots of tantrums.

Life before coming into the office was stressful. We could not get her to sit down for more than a minute which made meal times impossible. She never finished a meal which I’m sure was due to her irregular bowel movements. She was only having a bowel movement about once a week in which she would cry because her belly hurt so bad. She then would be afraid to try and go because she knew it was going to be painful to go. Taking her anywhere was always a challenge as she was always extremely hyper and it always ended in a tantrum. Our bedtime routine was probably the most stressful because she never wanted to lay down and would whine for at least an hour every night before falling asleep.

Read more from Addison E »

The most important change is she is having a bowel movement almost daily and we haven’t heard her complain that her belly hurts. She now has a big appetite and finally finishes meals and asks for seconds which was a very rare occurrence before starting here. We have had her grandparents tell us she is acting more mature because of how little she whines now and can control some of her energy. Bedtime is becoming less stressful and her whining has decreased significantly. While out shopping we have noticed she is not as hyper and actually pays attention to what we are doing opposed to just running off.

I also learned some things along the way that I didn’t know before. I had no idea that keeping the nervous system in balance could have such an impact on the health and function of a child!

Our entire family is now coming for regular adjustments.

-Addison E

Excited for Appointments

I heard about MFC through a mutual friend. She was battling with me, hearing all the trouble I was having with Ali taking her new medication. She said, “Hey, have you ever thought about trying Dr. Tony Morman?” She brings her kids here and ranted and raved about your practice. Ali was diagnosed with localized scleroderma. She takes an injection once a week. It doesn’t make her feel well, so she started getting anxiety about taking her medicine. I would be fighting with her for 45 minutes for her to take it. It was tough for me to give it to her. Anxiety is the trigger that got us here, and your team has been great. It is not a quick fix and we know that, but we have definitely seen some great improvements. Ali would make herself sick before I would even give her the medicine. The medicine is not a quick fix either. She has been taking the medication for 2 years. On the medication, she hasn’t gotten worse, but we haven’t seen a lot of improvement either which is hard. We can definitely tell when she misses an appointment at MFC. When we went on vacation, we could definitely tell she hadn’t been in for her regular adjustments. She goes into fight or flight quickly. Ali is doing better taking her injections now. The injections affect her immune system and we have noticed a difference there too. She has not been sick with ear infections, cough or sore throat and her allergies have not been as bad. It is helping her all around. Your team is amazing! She loves coming here and gets excited for her appointments! The way you treat us means a lot to us.

-Ali Bre C

Simply Amazing

I heard about MFC at a foster care training. The speaker was an OT.

My adopted daughter had a lot of respiratory issues and tummy troubles. I wanted to see if this could help her.

Before coming to MFC, she was always in the hospital. She would have 2-3 extended stays per winter. She would also have various stays dealing with g-tube issues.

Since she started coming to MFC…WOW. All I can say is life is awesome! She hasn’t been in the hospital for almost 2.5 YEARS!!!

I have learned so much along the way! I have learned the spinal cord dictates everything! The staff is simply amazing!

-Remonii H

Happier and Healthier

A little update on my daughter Taylor, she has been coming here for 2 years. She was having struggles with meltdowns and didn’t know how to deal with confrontation. She had struggles expressing herself. She started coming here and her life has totally changed. Now she is an A/B honor roll student, very outgoing, happier and very healthy now. We continue to bring her because she has had a remarkable outcome and is staying happier and healthier. We don’t want to go back to that life before. It’s important to maintain how far she’s come.

-Tucker Family

Thankful for the Help

I heard about Morman Family Chiropractic through a friend who brings their children here. They really promoted your office and the benefits of chiropractic care. Avery had been diagnosed with having petit mal seizures at 3 ½ years of age. At about age 4 ½ she had a 24 hr. EEG and was diagnosed as having 50 + seizures during that test. She was on medication and it was increased. A follow up EEG a month or two after that showed she was continuing to have 20+ seizures, even with the medication increase. After a year of chiropractic care, she has been able to reduce her medication and is off one of them completely. Her last EEG showed that she had no seizures. We think she has been seizure free for about a year now. We have also seen improvement in her not getting up through the night. She also would experience vomiting and that has also improved. Dr. Nikki and Dr. Tony and the staff all do a very good job and Avery enjoys coming for her adjustments. We are thankful for the help it has been giving her.

Update: We have not clinically witnessed any seizures since coming to MFC. Also a couple times that we thought maybe a cold was coming on or Avery was not herself, we got her in and adjusted. She always seemed better after coming! Every one of the chiropractors and staff are amazing!

-Avery K.

Healthier and Relaxed

Our boys experience less tantrums and aggression. We are healthier, are able to fight any sickness faster and have eliminated the need for seasonal allergy meds, thanks to MFC. Our regular adjustments help us handle stress and make our family more relaxed. We look forward to going to MFC and know they are all looking out for our health.

-Ellerbrock Family

Grateful for Care

We started bringing our oldest son to MFC in 2014. He has ASD and we were looking for hope and help. The scans confirmed the behaviors and struggles he was having. The initial restorative phase helped calm his nervous system down. The regular adjustments since then help keep things in check. Other benefits the rest of us have seen are migraines disappearing, a chronic cough resolving and help with anxiety. When any kind of issue pops up, the first thing we do is get checked. We are very grateful for the care we have received at MFC!

-Rachel M.

Overjoyed with Results

Around the time Jacob turned 3, we started to notice some behavioral changes that caused concern. He started to become excessively hyper and was unable to focus if the topic at hand didn’t interest him. He had no concept of other people’s personal space, and would often stand/sit too close to his friends or talk to them while keeping his face extremely close to others.

Jacob also loves to entertain others (he was voted “Class Clown” at his preschool). So, at school, if he realized he was making the other kids laugh, he would continue the behavior no matter how disruptive he was being or how many times he was told to stop by teachers.

Read more from Jacob F »

Jacob had a hard time expressing his emotions. It was as if he had some sort of intense emotion inside of him, but he had no idea how to tell or show anyone else how he was feeling. Instead, he would act out, run around, or even bite himself. That just broke our hearts. My husband and I tried everything we thought possible to help him: Punishment, talking, hugging him and assuring him everything will be ok, taking things away, rewarding positive behavior, trying to teach him how to hit a pillow or his bed when he feels upset, etc. Nothing seemed to work, and it was affecting our entire family. My husband and I were emotionally exhausted. I didn’t want to go to certain events/friends’ houses, because I was constantly worried about how Jacob would act. We were angry, sad, felt helpless, scared, and felt guilty when we would lose our temper. I want to point out that throughout all of this, he has always been extremely well liked by everyone who meets him (family, friends, classmates, teachers), and he has always had a very kind, gentle heart. This made it more frustrating, because we knew that Jacob did not like what was happening inside of him, and we wanted desperately to find out a way to help him. Jacob starting to exhibit negative self-talk as well saying he was a bad kid, always in trouble, etc. We knew we had to figure out something as soon as possible to help him.

We had already enlisted the help of a behavioral specialist who was working with me, my husband, and Jacob’s teachers on ways to properly deal with and help him both at home and school. He had been evaluated through the county program for ADD and ADHD, but everything came back normal or negative. Jacob has Sturge-Weber Syndrome, and behavior issues can be associated with it. His doctors at Cincinnati Children’s referred him to the psychology department to be evaluated for possible ADD, ADHD, etc. The doctor determined that she does not think Jacob qualified to be diagnosed with anything specific such as ADD or ADHD, but that he does exhibit impulsive behaviors. Meanwhile, while Jacob’s teachers absolutely loved him and enjoyed having him at school, his behavior was becoming so disruptive that there was a chance we were going to need to take him out of preschool.

I have never been against chiropractic care, but it is not something I myself have ever had. Before this experience, I would say I was a slight skeptic. I happened to come across a post on Facebook for one of Morman Family Chiropractic’s Sensory Workshops. It immediately caught my eye, and I thought, what have we got to lose? I was willing to try ANYTHING! I went to the program and fought back tears the whole time, because I felt that this was the light at the end of the tunnel. It was so refreshing to see so many families there, because it helped prove that we weren’t alone in what we were going through. Everything Dr. Tony and Dr. Nikki discussed just “made sense” and the mom who told the success story about her child was an inspiration. I especially took comfort in the fact that they have a large focus on children. I signed Jacob up that night for an evaluation, without even discussing it with my husband first. The rest is history. From the first moment we came to the office, we were blown away by how comfortable we felt there and with the staff, and by how warm, caring and compassionate everyone is. You can tell that you all truly care about your patient and families. Upon going over Jacob’s initial scan, we were reassured that he could be helped and that there was a reason for his behaviors that had to do with his central nervous system being out of alignment.

Jacob has always enjoyed getting adjusted from day one, and we saw results almost instantly. We could not believe the improvement in his behavior, his emotional control, and his overall sense of emotional well-being. His teachers, family and friends noticed it as well. We were overjoyed that we finally found something to help Jacob and, in turn, help our family. Our commute to Morman Family is about 40 minutes each way, but it is more than worth it for us. When we first started at Morman Family less than a year ago, Jacob was getting adjusted two times a week. There has been such an improvement, that he now only needs adjusted once every other week. Jacob started kindergarten a month ago, and we were very nervous at how he would do with the transition to a new school, new teacher, riding the bus, etc. However, he is doing great so far! I have recommended Morman Family Chiropractic to numerous friends and will continue to do so. I cannot thank you all enough for all you have done for our family, but, most importantly, for Jacob.

-Jacob F

Appreciate the Team

Abby entered the world a mere 1 pound 2 ounces and 11 inches long at just 26 weeks gestation. Abby would spend the next 241 in the NICU while going through pokes and prods daily, intubation, and open-heart surgery. She was coined “tiny but mighty” and “preemie warrior princess” by her doctors and nurses. Due to prolonged intubation, Abby developed an oral aversion and had difficulty feeding and would not take a bottle so she had to be fed by feeding tube. Over the next couple of years, we worked on learning how to eat by mouth but Abby was a very picky eater and did not want to eat but a few different foods with only certain textures. She began attending preschool and never having been around groups of children before, she started getting sick with colds and ear infections frequently. So frequently, she had over 12 in one school year.

Read more from Abby F »

At age 3, Abby was also still nonverbal and had trouble focusing on a task. We heard of MFC from April’s supervisor and we attended a presentation about picky eaters by Dr. Tony and Dr. Nikki. We felt like everything they were talking about described Abby to a T. We began having Abby adjusted a year ago and we could not be more ecstatic by her progress. Over the course of this year being adjusted 1-2 times per week, Abby has had only 4 ear infections, no longer has the feeding tube and is eating textures that she would not touch before, is focusing her attention better during activities, and has started talking with her vocabulary expanding every day. Abby is excelling in preschool and is even doing some kindergarten tasks. We appreciate all the hard work Dr. Tony, Dr. Nikki, and the staff at MFC do for their patients.

-Abby F

Staying Healthy

We first heard of Morman Family Chiropractic from friends and from watching Facebook reviews and webinars.

Annie has a lot of issues with seasonal allergies and had many ear infections early in her life. After getting tubes, she was better but still very congested most of the time. She was also having some noticable sensory issues especially with clothing and was having difficulty staying on task in school.

She would not wear socks or tie tennis shoes unless we forced her to and she would want to wear the same clothes including underwear several days in a row. She would have occasional outburst fits, but was having significantly more trouble paying attention in school and her nose was running constantly.

Read more from Annie U »

The biggest change we are seeing is she has had very few issues with her sinuses and no issues with her ears. She is able to wear socks and tennis shoes on phys Ed days without fits. She is still picky about what kind of socks she wears but will wear them! That is a win!! She has had only a few doses of medication during this entire Fall harvest. She is also able to complete more assignments in school with less distraction. While the sensory tendencies are still there she has more self control and shows less fight or flight reflex.

We have also learned that a healthy nervous system is very important for overall health including sensory health and to fight sinus issues and staying healthy overall!

-Annie U

Life Changing

“We can’t thank Dr. Tony and Dr. Nikki and the entire team enough for changing Gavin’s life, for changing our families life.”

Our journey with Morman Chiropractic began almost 22 months ago. The summer of 2018 I had been reading posts from our friend Rachel about the amazing benefits of chiropractic care for so many families and kiddos. Our Gavin struggled with so many things those days, no diagnosis but noticeable differences between him and other kiddos his age. He had so many sensory issues in many different areas and the child did not sleep well, like ever. I could count on 1 hand the nights that he had slept through the night in a row in his entire life. Most nights of his life we would end up with him in our bed or one of us in the living room sleeping on the couch with him. He never rested, on the move all the time and emotionally sensitive beyond measure, we know now, because he was exhausted all the time. I reached out to Rachel through Facebook messenger regarding a coupon that was shared for the preliminary scans with the office.

Read more from Gavin M »

Gavin received the scans and then we went in to review the findings. Gavins nervous system was a mess, for lack of better words. Gavin is a c-section baby, he was born at 9lbs, 1 ounce and was breech. His C2 vertebrae had been horribly off center his entire life. We started with 2 visits each week, after just 3 adjustments he slept through the night for the first time since I could remember. I woke up in a panic because I had realized that I, too had been able to sleep the entire night. I went to his room hesitantly for fear of what I might find and I found a sleeping boy. Contently and restfully sleeping. It was an amazing sight and feeling.

The next days and weeks we started noticing he was a bit more relaxed and didn’t become emotional immediately when something didn’t go his way. The school even started sending home encouraging notes that his days were becoming more calm and more learning was able to happen because he needed a lot less breaks throughout the school days. Gavin had been living in flight mode his entire life. When the stress was up and he encountered a tough situation or was scared, he would flee as far as he could as fast as he could. We then started seeing that he could actually stay and face those tough situations and work through them without meltdowns and anxiety.

We do weekly adjustments now and will continue. If things come up that add stress or he has a set back, we can just simply increase our visits until he is back to himself. Dr. Tony and Dr. Nikki and the entire team are amazing with the kiddos and the families. They are always interested in what is happening and have a true personal connection with the families. Gavin had some health struggles last fall due to an unexpected reaction to an upper respiratory infection that led to many weeks of him being sick, in and out of the hospital and out of school. They were key in his recovery, their vested interest in his situation and their help with getting his nervous back to fight mode were key to his recovery.

Gavin has matured so much in these past 22 months. He sleeps through the night, has amazing days and can focus on tasks that before seemed impossible. We can’t thank Dr. Tony and Dr. Nikki and the entire team enough for changing Gavin’s life, for changing our families life. Chiropractic care has absolutely been a blessing for us.

-Gavin M

Helped Our Family

Chiropractic care has helped our family in many ways, from everyday aches and pains to keeping our bodies healthy as a whole. Doctors told us in order to have children I would have to have surgery due to blocked tubes as well as continue fertility treatments to conceive. After 3 years of consistent chiropractic care (and NO fertility meds) our first miracle has arrived!!!

-Hoersten Family

Extremely Welcoming

Presli was very nervous to be seen and adjusted but the entire staff made her feel more comfortable from the minute we walked in the door. Everyone is extremely welcoming and listens very carefully to what our struggles are. The entire atmosphere is calming and the doctors are second to none. Their love and commitment for what they do to help people, especially kids is amazing. Our whole family loves Morman Family Chiropractic and wishes we would’ve become patients sooner.

-Presli M.

Staff is Extraordinary!

This staff is extraordinary! I have never experienced such a wonderful blend of thoughtful, considerate, caring individuals.. so eager to help and provide the most comfortable experience possible, especially for my Severely Autistic teenage son. Focusing on building his trust first, I am just wowed… nearly speechless. I wish every parent of a special needs child could have the experience of this kind of loving professionalism

-Zachary W.

Took the Time to Listen

I was very nervous for my first time going to a chiropractor. But from the time I walked in the whole staff was quite welcoming and made me feel at ease. I noticed a difference after my first adjustment and continue to see improvement in how I feel after each time I go!

-Kelsey G.

More Than One Could Hope For

The entire staff is more than one could hope for! We gain hope with every visit and we are excited for the future and what Morman Family Chiropractic can do for our child!

-Max D.

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