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New Patient Center

If you’re visiting with us for the first time, we’d like you to know exactly what to expect. We want to provide you with a great experience and will make sure that you feel welcome and supported every step of the way.

As you walk through our front door, you’ll immediately be able to tell that we’re geared toward the comfort of families. We provide gathering rooms that are designed to hold up to nine members of the same family, as well as toys and children’s books distributed throughout the office. Our chiropractic care center has been described as warm and inviting — we hope you think so, too!

Your First Visit

Your first visit will take between 45 and 60 minutes. As you enter the office, you’ll be warmly greeted by one of our staff members, who will provide you with your initial new patient paperwork. While Dr. Tony reviews your health documents, you’ll be given a tour of the office, and finally escorted to one of our exam rooms.

One of our friendly staff members will then ask you to change into a gown to prepare you for the first part of your evaluation, which is a comprehensive scan through the Insight Millenium Subluxation Station™.  This painless, noninvasive scanning application includes three basic testing modalities:

  • SEMG (the amount of electrical current in the muscles)
  • Thermography (a reading of skin temperature along the spine)
  • HRV (measures how well the nervous system is handling stress)

Your vitals will also be taken at this time before meeting with Dr. Tony, who will conduct an in-depth consultation, followed by an orthopedic and neurological examination.

For Our Pediatric Patients

We know that children, particularly when they’re not feeling well, can sometimes be impatient and uncooperative. For this reason, we complete our noninvasive and painless physical evaluation on the first day, followed by an uninterrupted phone consultation with Mom or Dad at another time.

We’ve found that this is far less stressful on both the parents and the child, and we’re able to collect all pertinent information in an unhurried and relaxed manner.

Your Second Visit

Your second visit will take about 20 to 30 minutes. During this appointment, we’ll review your scan and examination findings to help you understand the source of your problem. Customized care options will then be suggested, and a plan of action reviewed to help you meet your goals. Financial considerations will also be discussed at this time.

The visit will end with you receiving your first gentle chiropractic adjustment.

Welcome to Morman Family Chiropractic

We look forward to welcoming you as a patient here at Morman Family Chiropractic!

Make An Appointment

Regular Visits

Subsequent visits usually take no longer than 15 minutes. When you come to the office, we’ll have you sign in at the front desk, and you’ll be assigned to a specific treatment room to wait for your adjustment with Dr. Tony.

You’ll find that we engage in what we call “table talk” on every visit, which are just small conversations to help gauge your progress and help you better understand the healing dynamics of your body. We also schedule periodic “checkpoints,” which are simple heart-to-heart dialogues between you and Dr. Tony. He’s deeply invested in your health and recovery and wants your personal feedback to keep you moving forward.

Once we’ve been successful in eliminating your pain and correcting your problem, many of our patients opt to receive ongoing chiropractic adjustments, usually referred to as wellness care. The purpose of this care is to maintain your spinal correction and introduce stability and functionality to vulnerable joints. That’s why coming in to be checked on an ongoing basis is important. Wellness care is your choice, however. We’re here to help our patients live a better life, but we also respect the decisions that you make when it comes to your ongoing health.

We enjoy good relationships with our patients, and always encourage you to give us a call if there’s a question or a challenge. We’d love to partner with you in helping you to feel great. We’re open on Saturdays and offer affordable payment plans and Care Credit. Contact us today!

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